11 Benefits to starting a travel blog and traveling the world

There are a ton of benefits to becoming a travel blogger! Here are 11 benefits to starting a travel blog:

A travel blog allows you to reach people all around the world. Some of these people may be looking for a similar experience, looking for inspiration or even planning their own trip.

You can blog about the little details, tips and tricks and cool experiences you had. Like that mom and pop restaurant just out of town that had some of the best food you’ve ever eaten. Or that private beach that only the locals know about.

You likely won’t be staying in hotels; you might end up getting an Airbnb, couch surfing, camping, staying with people you just met or getting a bed at a hostel. 

People “stuck” in the 9-5, white picket fence lives might be inspired by your travel experiences and decide to quit their jobs, take more vacation time or travel to a place they wouldn’t have before.


You’ll end up meeting like-minded people in different places that will become some of your best friends. As a bonus, you’ll always have a place to stay when you stay with a friend!

Connecting with travel companies becomes a lot easier once you’ve established your travel blog. They’ll send you on free trips and some of them will even pay you to travel to specific locations and blog about it. You’ll also be able to make money selling advertising space on your travel blog.

Save those receipts! If you’re traveling and blogging about it, you’ve got yourself some legitimate business expenses.


Did you ever think it would be possible to work from a busy coffee shop in NYC, the next week on a beach in Venezuela, and the next from the Rocky Mountains in Canada? You’ve just stepped into a world that only few can even dream of.

Free Ski passes? Sure. Scuba diving? Yup! Learning a new language? Oui. You’ll find that local businesses are always looking for promotion and they’re willing to give you something for free in exchange for a blog post. 

No more “I only have two weeks vacation a year and I can’t spend it all at once.” One of the perks of being able to work from anywhere, is that you don’t have to leave in a set amount of time. Why not spend a month or two in a small town in Italy?

You’ll gain skills you never knew you would. You’ll develop skills in writing, photography, marketing, etc. You can use your newly developed skills to help businesses and turn these skills into your full-time job. The Internet is a beautiful place full of opportunities for people with these skills.

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