7 Art adventures to embark on in Cape Town over the long weekend

A long weekend calls for adventures – and sometimes the best adventures are the ones where we step into the world of another.

The art world, to the outsider, can be intimidating at a first glance. Snooty or demanding of edification and refinement. It can feel confusing. Suddenly colours are stories, characters exist in linework and a different shade of paint is a movement – and even then you might not even know what the artist actually means, if anything!

However, sometimes the best way to appreciate art and remove yourself from intimidation is simply to enjoy whatever feeling it brings you.

From the Sea Point Promenade’s new art to gigantic sculptures and light art wonders, here are 7 art adventures to embark on in Cape Town:

1.For the art gallery-goer who loves aesthetics

Exhibition: Utopia Group Exhibition

As part of its second group exhibition of the year, new artworks from four artists in a ‘mini solo’ presentation will flavour the famous 131A Gallery with ‘Utopia’.

MJ Lourens
Olivié Keck
Asha Zero
Michael Amery

  • Where: 131A Gallery | 131 Sir Lowry Rd, Foreshore
  • When: Running until 29 April

2. For the art lover who appreciates history and the twist of the new

‘Athi & Irma… an intervention’ sees artist Athi-Patra Ruga explore, admire and challenge the late celebrated Expressionist painter Irma Stern in a contradictory way, aware of her colonial viewpoint despite her bold artistry. Both artists’ works have been installed for a retrospective exploration at the Irma Stern Museum presented by WHATIFTHEWORLD.

Athi-Patra Ruga
@athipatra/ photo by Luke Doman

  • Where: UCT Irma Stern museum | 21 Cecil Rd, Rosebank
  • When: Running until 18 June

3. For the lover of natural wonders in art form

The Sea Point Promenade has been adorned with new public art installations along the Sea Point promenade. These exciting new thrills are for all lovers of the ocean, art and photography. The new visual delights include 22 photographs,  thanks to the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival, Orms and Canon’s photography competition and a 16 square metre mural by Kevin Ngwenya/ Kev Seven.

  • Where: Sea Point Promenade

4. For those who want to appreciate the ordinary

‘Ordinary Light’ finds beauty in the seemingly mundane and stands as the perfect impression of ‘art imitating life’ thanks to works by Adelle Van Zyl and Melissa Tabisher at the Art B: The Arts Association, Belville.

Adelle van Zyl 
Adelle van Zyl
Melissa Tabisher
Melissa Tabisher

  • Where: The Association of Arts Bellville Art B | Carl Van Aswegen Street
  • When: Running until 29 April

5. Open Air Exhibition at Century City Arts Trail (until 30 December) 

A trail of 30 breathtaking sculptures – from a massive female face to a man looking skyward with Table Mountain’s shape as his background can be found at Century City’s precinct as part of the Anton Smit Open Air Exhibition.

Anton Smit
Anton Smit

  • Where: 2 Park Lane, Century City Arts Trail
  • When: Running until 30 December

6. For those who want to be inspired by art and light 

The fourth and highly anticipated edition of the celebrated annual Spier Light Art promises an evocative world of light and art intertwined creations.


  • Where:Spier Wine Farm | Annandale Rd, Stellenbosch
  • When: Running until 18 April

7. For those who want to explore photography again, just differently 

‘Vujá dé’ – The Stories We Tell Ourselves is a kaleidoscopic exhibition taking on the term coined by comedian George Carlin and beautifully explored through unconventional photography by Simon de Haast at the Ground Art Caffe micro gallery.

Simon de Haast
Simon de Haast

  • Where:  160 Strand Street De Waterkant | Ground Art Caffe
  • When: Running until 31 May

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Picture: Spier Wine Farm


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