Boy who starred in Bernard’s Watch now unrecognisable after ditching showbiz

After so many years, the two actors that played Bernard Beasley in the iconic 1990s TV show have changed drastically. But what happened to the stars from Bernard’s Watch now 20 years has passed by? Let’s find out.

Calling all millennials, ever wondered what happened to the young boy that played Bernard’s Watch? Well, now he looks unrecognisable.

The show about a young boy with the power to control time was life-changing for young viewers. Sadly, the actors behind the show didn’t have a Bernard’s Watch themselves and have changed since 20 years has passed.

HITC tells you all about the iconic Bernard’s Watch series and what happened to them next.

Bernard’s Watch – every child’s dream

Talk about #ThrowbackThursday. The British children’s drama series was produced and directed by David Cobham.

The series was about a kid named Bernard Beasley that was always late to school, but his life then changed after being given a special watch.

Becoming Elizabeth | Official Trailer | Starz

One day, he encountered himself with a postman that gifted him a “magic watch” that could stop and turn back time when he needed.

During each episode, Bernard would not only use the watch for his own benefit but also, to help others.

The only rule was that the watch was not allowed to be used to commit crimes or to hurt anyone.

The show lasted from 1997 to 2001. With a new series from 2003 to 2005, also titled Bernard that followed the same plotline. However, this time Bernard had been given the watch from his aunt.

The story of a time-travelling type of watch was a hit with fans, who only ever wanted one of their very own.

20 years on – David Peachey looks unrecognisable

Unlike Bernard Beasley, David Peachley could not stop nor go back in time and unsurprisingly has grown up a lot since the show aired.

The British actor also appeared as Vincent in Harry’s Mad, which was released the year before. But it seems he ditched acting early on because he doesn’t have many acting credits in the 20 years that followed.

The actor does not have a public Instagram or Twitter but fans saw another glimpse of the star in 2021.

When the most recent images of the actor surfaced, long-time fans were just as shocked to see him after almost 25 years.

The star featured in Pointless Celebrities in a former child stars special episode in 2021.

OK! reports he decided a career change and was training to be a doctor.

 David Peachey on Pointless Celebrities: Child Stars, 2021, BBC

A second Bernard…

In a reboot of the series just a few years later, Ryan Watson took over as the newest Bernard Beasley (2003).

After, the actor continued to appear in various British television series such as The Bull, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Christmas at the Rivera.

His last television appearance was in 2016 as Ian Moore for Father Brown, a detective period television series.

Ryan went on to perform at the Royal National Theatre, and in 2006, played Andrea Sarti in David Hare’s The Life of Galileo.

He also voiced several characters for BBC Radio 4. The actor also starred as Prince Edward in the radio adaption of Marlowe’s Edward II for BBC Radio 3 back in 2009.

Could Bernard Watch get another spinoff or reboot? Who knows.

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