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Like many video game fans, it is often impossible to stay away from titles that become a trend and even become an event such as the one generated by Elden Ring, something that has even happened to Elon Musk, the famous new billionaire Twitter owner.

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And it is precisely on this social network where he has said that like millions of people around the world, he is also playing the FromSoftware title, after responding to an account specialized in historical remains, saying that what they published had vibes -or that it seems something come out- of Elden Ring.

After that tweet, a user I ask about what was the build that he used in the game, giving an answer that surprised many since it makes clear his knowledge of the title, indicating that it is made up of intelligence and dexterity “so mostly -I play with a- mage with some skills with weapons”, having a shield in the left hand, a cane in the right with a rapier and quick change of claws and talismans, also summoning spirits.

Fanaticism for Elden Ring that in any case will not surprise many people who already know aspects about the tycoon’s life, because they surely know about his gamer facet which began when he was little, being a programmer of these since he was ten years old.

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord


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