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  • Kauai’s relaunched coffee subscription service will offer members up to two coffees per day for a flat monthly fee.
  • For R149 per month, subscribers can get two daily cups of coffee.
  • The deal includes any small hot drink on the menu – and free milk alternatives like almond or oat.
  • If you’re only drinking Americanos with regular milk, you’ll make your money back in five coffees – or in under three days.
  • And if you maximise the deal by buying all eligible coffees in a month, you’ll pay roughly R2.50 per cup.
  • This is more than last year’s coffee subscription deal – but if you’re a fan of a more extravagant coffee and switch out your milk for an alternative, you’ll be in credit quite a bit quicker.
  • Drinkers of lattes of flat whites with alternative milk options will need to order just four coffees in a month to realise a net gain.
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Kauai’s new monthly coffee subscription service now offers customers two coffees per day for a flat-fee total of R149. 

The fast-food chain, better known for its healthy meals and smoothies, has recently made strong moves in the coffee market. 

Last year the group launched a smoothie and coffee subscription service that, if maximised, equated to just R1.25 per coffee, or R299 per month. This allowed you to drink one coffee every two hours – but they paused this over summer to focus on their smoothies.

This winter’s new coffee subscription iteration dials last year’s deal back a bit in some departments – but it’s better suited to those who don’t need an extreme two-hourly caffeine fix and appreciate milk alternatives.

Launching today, the new deal allows subscribers to purchase any two small hot drinks off the menu per day for a flat rate of R149. Take this deal to the maximum, with two coffees per day for a full 30 days, and you’ll now be paying R2.50 per coffee. 

Those who order an Americano with regular milk for R28 can make their money back in less than three days. 

Although this represents lesser value than Kauai’s previous coffee subscription service, it’s a more realistic take if you’re not up for popping through to your local branch every two hours. And the new deal also allows subscribers to get free milk replacements – which can cost up to R10 per cup under normal circumstances.

You’ll also be in credit a lot quicker if you add a milk replacement to something on the fancier side, like a flat white, pumpkin spice latte, iced Americano, or iced cappuccino.

A flat white or latte with almond milk, for example, usually costs R42 at Kauai. At this price, you’ll make your money back by day two with the new subscription service. 

If you really want to do your best to bankrupt Kauai and ensure the coffee subscription stays away for good next winter, your best bet is the iced cappuccino. Replace the milk in this drink, and you’ll usually pay R48 – and under the new subscription, you’ll get your money back by day two, or one sip into coffee number four.

Kauai says it was the first South African outlet to offer a coffee subscription when it launched it in conjunction with 2021’s smoothie subscription, and the company sees it as an attractive value add that will draw in new customers. They ended the coffee option over summer, but according to a spokesperson, they “are now reintroducing it for winter because our loyal customers loved it so much”.

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