Mohale Motaung wants Musa Khawula to get his facts straight

Due to the age difference between Mohale Motaung and his ex-husband, Somizi Mhlongo, the former has been labelled a gold digger by fans of the latter.

The accusations first surfaced at the beginning of their marriage as people tried to make sense of the very public relationship using the age-old stereotype of the rich, older man and the younger, good-looking partner.

It is through this lens that people are viewing Somizi’s side of the story unfold on the latest season of his show, Living The Dream with Somizi (LTDWS).

On the first episode of the show, currently airing on streaming platform Showmax, Mhlongo sat down to consult a friend who is also an attorney, Hopwell Sathekge.

It is on the show that LTDWS find out that Somizi and Mohale never signed a marriage certificate or any other kind of documentation to officiate their union civilly and that as a result, their separation will be dealt with customarily. 

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Sathekge explained to Somizi that the nature of marriage, under the current traditional and civil law entitles Mohale to 50% of Somizi’s estate.

It has since been incorrectly reported, however, that Mohale demanded half of Somizi’s estate when he is simply entitled to it.

Should he wish to pursue the matter, it would need to be handled by the relevant legal bodies to determine how much is due to Mohale. There are no guarantees that he would actually be granted access to half of Somizi’s wealth simply because he asked a court for it.

Celebrity gossip blogger Musa Khawula then alleged, via Twitter, that Somizi “has registered [three] beneficiaries under his estate in a bid to dilute and shrink what Mohale might claim during their divorce settlement.”

He then claimed that Mohale had “demanded” half of Somizi’s estate.

E fang [give] Musa Khawula my number – so that he can at least report factual news?” tweeted Mohale in response. 

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